UPDATE!! 27 June 2013 UPDATE!!!

Centaur Celluloid is re-opening. We will be posting NEW bondage video of Natasha Flade every week and updating with re-edited classic video from the past. Updates will be twice a week.

The story? Well, Natasha and Isaac opened up a non-porn business last year, and it's been taking much longer than expected to get cash-flow positive. No, we're not telling anyone what exactly it is because we want zero association between this business and the new business. Hopefully you can understand.

Also, Natasha really missed being bound and gagged and was sorry to hear from so many of her fans that really hated to see her go. So Natasha Flade will be getting bound & gagged for your pleasure once again! NatashaFlade.com and Kidnapped-Damsels.com will be shutting down for good the end of June 2013. All the new material will be on CentaurCelluloid.com.

Love to all,

Isaac & Natasha