Stripping, fondling, full nudity, sex, and, of course, bondage -- need we say more?

Celeste (Gwendolyn Giovanni) is a stalker.  She breaks into pretty women's homes, ties them up, then photographs them.  But she doesn't stop there.  Celeste peels back their bras and fondles her helpless captives' breasts.  When two of her victims, Lissa (Connie Sims) and Katie (Natasha Flade) team up for revenge, Celeste gets a taste of her own bitter medicine, times two.  The private investigator Morgan (Isaac W.) slips in and captures his favorite, Katie.  He carries her out to the garage and dumps her in the car trunk.  After the ride, poor Katie is bound spread-eagle on Morgan's bed for some forced bondage sex.  Celeste still wants Katie, too, and comes back to take her in the erotic and chilling climax.

running time: 55 minutes DVD & VHS  $35 7 total scenes
DVD Special Features
30+ chapter points  -   50+ TV-size  photos  -  8 trailers for other Centaur films  -  Outtakes

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