Miss Bentley is a tutor always getting in a bind.  Her student, Eric, gets to play a tie-up game with his beautiful tutor every time he gets a 100 on a quiz or test.  Her boyfriend's son, Davy, is a cub scout and Miss Bentley assists him with knot practice.  When Miss Bentley babysits Johnny, who has has a lot of jump ropes . . . . you can imagine what happens.  And several times an adult has caught Miss Bentley in a helpless state.

6 scenes babysitter bondage
3 scenes on-screen fondling
2 scenes fully nude

1 outdoor scene
7 total scenes
running time: 70 minutes
DVD:  $9 USD
Special Features
25 chapter points
50 TV-size  photos
6 trailers for other Centaur films

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