Bundle Three




Miranda Capulet & Audra Rain

Miranda Capulet & Mai Tai

Tabitha Katz & Justine Kou

Angel (Miranda Capulet) and Sarah (Audra Rain) make it to a basement hideaway after a successful bank robbery.  Sarah chloroforms her partner and ties her to a chair so she and her boyfriend Michael (Isaac W.) can make off with the money.  Sarah's boyfriend Daniel (Elijah X.) arrives later to find her struggling alone and the money gone.
Eliza has a habit, a little problem with heroin.  She also has a little problem with money.  Dealer Cloe proposes an unorthodox solution so all can be happy.  But Cloe takes things a bit too far.
Claire (Justine Kou) finds that her water bottle has been spiked by "friendly" hikers.  She falls unconscious and awakens to find herself bound to a tree and Crystal (Tabitha Katz) lifting her shirt, searching her very carefully.  Matthias (Isaac W.), Crystal's companion, turns on her, chloroforms her.  He then ropes up and disrobes the women.
But Daniel knows where to find the two, and he invades their place and ties up Angel at gunpoint, who struggles energetically to get sleeping Michael's attention upstairs.
But Eliza manages to take matters into her own hands.  Pressing her advantage and taking revenge, Eliza toys with her dealer.
When Crystal manages to escape, Matthias runs her down, handcuffs her and chloroforms her again.  In a new location, Matthias has the women stripped down and bound.  This time when Matthias leaves, it's Claire who eventually slips her bonds and takes control.
Did Daniel really make off with the money?  What was in the bag and who's really on whose side?   The bag of money finds itself trading hands quite a few times as the rope and clothes fly.  And who'll end up with the money in the end?

Eliza and Cloe find that things don't always turn out as expected.

Bait is left for Matthias.  The plan backfires as Crystal succumbs to chloroform and awakens bound.  Just what is going on in these woods?


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