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Tabitha Katz, Connie Sims, Natasha Flade
reviewed by Taboo magazine
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Natasha Flade, Mai Tai
a fully nude bondage video

Miranda Capulet, Natasha Flade, Tabitha Katz
reviewed by Taboo magazine
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Amanda (Natasha Flade) ropes and gags poor Dora (Tabitha Katz) at gunpoint and leaves her to struggle helplessly.
Christine (Natasha Flade) and Erin (Mai Tai) are small-time ecstasy dealers.  They ran afoul of their supplier Max.  Max carries chloroform. Max ropes up the unconscious Christine. When she awakes, he fondles her extensively while he questions the gagged girl about the whereabouts of his supply of e.
Bernadette (Tabitha Katz) has the hots for Julian (Elijah X.), so she consults the Madame Katasha (Natasha Flade) for a love potion.  Bernadette's best friend LiAnne (Miranda Capulet) manages to get in love's way, and tastes the bondage revenge of her former friend.
Amanda finds Dora's friend Trish (Connie Sims) in the shower, hauls the wet and soapy woman out and treats her to a very similar pose -- packing and duct tape included
Erin stumbles upon the scene, only to be chloroformed, stripped, hogtied and stashed in the pantry. While helpless in the hands of Max, Christine flashes back to when Erin tied her up and took advantage of her when she was under the influence of e.
LiAnne's not done for, and has love-struck Julian hogtie Bernadette on her bed.  Once loose, Bernadette makes LiAnne strip down to nothing and binds her to a chair.  The tangling twosome take their tiff to the Madame Katasha, who resolves their issues by taking their clothes and tying them back-to-back.   The Madame then begins to paint the runes of a gypsy hex on their chests.  
The ladies find themselves reunited in chairs and in an attic where they even get closer to one another.

Erin also experiences the past, remembering Christine's revenge: roping her up in the basement and running her hands all over her body. Both Erin and Christine wonder how they can escape their present predicament.

Julian comes back into the scene to make it a naked threesome, and gets out the paintbrush. . .


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