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written & directed by Isaac W.

Local investigative reporters Jenny (Tabitha Katz) and Lenora (Veronica Byrne) prepare a smear-job report on bondage video producer Isaac W. They pose as potential models and sit in as bondage actress Keegan Skky gets tied up. When the report hits the airwaves, Isaac plots revenge. He consults lawyer Kaylie (Natasha Flade), who turns out to be a submissive who begs Isaac to tie her to a chair in her office and have his way with her. Lacking legal help, Isaac lures Jenny out to a park where he has mimes throw her in the back of an SUV and tie her up for a bondage movie. Lenora is tricked into coming to Elijah X.’s apartment where she gets bound to a post of his bed, and is also made an unwilling star in a bondage flick. Kaylie comes over to finally assist Isaac legally, but instead happily joins Lenora for a hogtie.



all scenes skirts & heels
1 scene of fondling
1 moving vehicle scene
3 scenes topless


running time: 60 minutes


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