Danielle Trixie, Angel Lee and Natasha Flade Barefoot Hogtied
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email: centaurcelluloid <remove this> @gmail.com
ph: 505.730.9628



How Does the Charge Appear on my Credit Card?
The charge will appear as NF ENTERPRISES.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of downloads, no refunds will be given unless there is a billing error or you were double charged. We want to make clear, though, that we DO make EVERY effort to respond to any requests for help if you have problems downloading or viewing the clips, if that is the reason you are requesting a refund! We are an honest company, so if you have a problem with your order, PLEASE contact us at 505.730.9628 or email us.

Any billing errors on our end will be taken care of immediately. Please contact us for a refund at 505.730.9628. LEAVE A MESSAGE!

If you dispute the charge with your credit card company BEFORE contacting us and asking us to resolve the problem, you will be blacklisted from using any of our sites. If you lie and tell the credit card company you contacted us and you never did, you will will be blacklisted from using any of our sites.

If you have a slow internet connection, then this would be a matter you should take up with your ISP, not us. All our downloads are on a high speed server.

I accidentally got double billed. What do I do now?
Please contact us at 505.730.9628 and we will issue a refund. You can avoid double billing by only hitting the “submit” button once.

RIGHT-CLICK on the link, then select “save target as” or “save file as” to download the clips to your computer. If you don’t download the clip to your computer, it will NOT WORK! The files are too large to play off the server and they will time out. Also, if you want to keep the clips forever on your computer, you need to save them to your computer.

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