An attractive cast, good bondage and a pleasingly tongue-n-cheek attitude make for inspirational viewing. -- Taboo, December 2003
Pride is another outstanding release from Centaur Celluloid and one of the industry's best directors! -- Dr. BDSM

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an entirely nude bondage film


Blonde model Rachel (Connie Sims) moves in with redhead Faith (Miranda Capulet), a woman of deeply felt convictions.
When Faith finds that Rachel has been doing porn in her house, she takes extreme measures.
Rachel falls unconscious from a spiked drink and awakes bound to the bed.  She's naked -- Faith burned her clothes in a puritanical rage.
Faith, in crises, consults Father Mitchell (Isaac W.).  The man of the cloth makes a visit and helps Faith bind poor Rachel in the basement.
Enter Sister Angelica (Natasha Flade) to rescue Rachel and remove Father Mitchell.  But all Rachel has on her mind is revenge.

Rachel forces Faith to strip.
She then binds her to a chair.
Rachel's far from finished.  She ties Faith in a standing X and fondles her body.  Rachel teases her with a devil vibrator.
At the convent, Father Mitchell manages to get the best of the intruding nun.  Bound to her bed, she's stuffing-gagged and helpless to the Father's wandering hands.
Sister Angelica escapes the twisted Father's clutches.  She vows to purge the women of the filth of Father Mitchell -- with bondage and dripping wax.
Father Mitchell isn't out of the picture yet.  He manages to get all three stripped and bound in the basement.
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DVD Special Features
20 chapter points
Over 50 TV-size  photos
6 trailers for other Centaur films
7 total scenes
running time: 60 minutes
DVD & VHS:  $35 USD
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