Five girls in hose, two 18th Century books, miles of rope and piles of gags

When Karrie (Natasha Flade) is in pursuit of a valuable book, don't get in her way.  Angela (Jazmyn Taliana) and Kate (Armani Jones) learn this the hard way as they suffer ropes, gags, nipple-pinching and blindfolds at the hands of Karrie.  Nell (Tabitha Katz) gets hogtied and gagged with her own pantyhose as Karrie searches for Voltaire's "Candide."  Statuesque Wendy (Connie Sims) blunders in, only to be captured and tied up with Nell in book dealer Milan's (Isaac W.) basement. The story concludes with three bound and gagged wearing only their pantyhose.

  running time: 60 minutes DVD   $35 7 total scenes  

DVD Special Features
20 chapter points  -  Over 50 TV-size  photos  -  6 trailers for other Centaur films  -  Outtakes

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