A barefoot bondage film


     Two customers of the Gardenia Restaurant talk and talk until after closing.  When the manager Lauren (Zoe Anderson) asks them to leave, Tall (Manny Handle) pulls a gun and ropes her to a chair right there in the dining room.   The other hood, Mike (Shamus O'Tool), finds the assistant manager Sandra (Connie Sims) by the safe in the office and ties her to a chair, too.  When a cook (Nick Mandingo) blunders in on the scene, both pretty managers end up tied back-to-back in the kitchen while Tall yanks their tops down.
     Days later Lauren comes home to find Tall waiting for her.   He strictly ties the shorts-clad beauty and proceeds to rob her place.  Her roomie Anne (Tabitha Katz) comes home and unties her, but Tall catches them both and forces them to strip at gunpoint before tying them to the dining room table.  Friend Ellen (Natasha Flade) drops by only to wind up hogtied on the floor with the other two.

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every scene barefoot
3 scenes shot on-location at a real restaurant
2 scenes of on-screen tying
1 scene of women forced to strip at gunpoint
3 scenes of 2 or more women bound together
6 total scenes
running time: 60 minutes
$9 USD

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19 Chapter Points
Over 50 TV-size  photos
6 trailers for other Centaur films