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a script written by Miranda Capulet & Elijah X.

Gabriel (Elijah X.) finds himself in a serious situation following a poker game with the mysterious and powerful Khayman (Rasputin Benoit). Khayman demands Gabriel's ex-girlfriend Sera (Miranda Capulet) to cancel his debt, and Gabriel reluctantly agrees.   Gabriel later finds himself knocking on Sera's door, then handcuffing Sera to the bed. He can't resist disrobing her and running his hands along her helpless form. When Ashley (Veronica Byrne) arrives to pick up Sera for Khayman, she also takes advantage of the poor bound Sera by ballgagging her and handling her roughly. Gabriel goes into a fit of rage at seeing this, stripping and binding Khayman's henchwoman next to Sera. Both are loaded in the back of Gabriel's SUV for transport to Khayman's high-rise, the women struggling for the whole ride down a heavily trafficked freeway. Gabriel has a flashback to happier and kinkier times: Sera submits to his ropes, a blindfold and a gag for passionate play involving ice cubes and dripping candle wax. Off the freeway exit to the home of Khayman the characters collide for the dramatic conclusion.


2 scenes of full nudity
3 scenes of fondling
1 moving vehicle scene
1 scene woman bound in a sheet
2 scenes w/ 2 women bound together
1 scene dripping wax


running time: 55 minutes


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