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A pantyhose bondage film

Ivy (Connie Sims) doesn't know what's been hidden in her house.  She's completely confused when Orchid (Tabitha Katz) hogties her on the bed and rifles through her belongings.   Orchid finds herself bound next to Ivy on the bed when a WASP (Jesus Dios) enters the scene and makes off with The Process.  Now secreted in unsuspecting August's (Lydia Lyles) apartment, she is set upon by April (Natasha Flade).  No time for gloating, because Summer (Miranda Capulet) makes them a twosome in rope.  Blue (Quinn K.), an ally of April, rushes in to assist, handcuffing Summer and August to the radiator.   But things go bad for April when Blue takes advantage of claiming The Process and leaving all three women bound in the bedroom wearing nothing but their pantyhose.   And now April must face the interrogation of The Counsel for her failure to bring home The Process . . . .

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every scene stocking-footed
3 handgag scenes
1 scene of on-screen tying
4 scenes of 2 or more women bound together
7 total scenes
running time: 62 minutes

DVD Special Features

22 Chapter Points
Over 50 TV-size  photos
6 trailers for other Centaur films


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