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an office attire bondage film

     Someone planted a video camera in Monroe's (Isaac W.) office and caught him and subordinate Alyssa (Natasha Flade) making love on the desk.   Soon everyone will know how Alyssa got her promotion.  But not if she can help it.  After hours, Alyssa catches Connie (Connie Sims) and ties her up in the ladies restroom.  Alyssa pinches Connie's nipples until she spills the names of the culprits.  Alyssa leaves Connie stashed in a garage and sets off after Sabrina (Dominique Montague) and Michelle (Miranda Capulet).
     Alyssa's quest leads her to rope both women into hogties before uniting them in back-to-back bondage.  But when the office friends get loose, Alyssa finds herself securely bound to a chair and at the mercy of Sabrina's and Michelle's hands.  But the story doesn't end there . . . . soon three chairs are occupied.

"I really enjoyed this film and just like Alyssa, I think you'll want to get your hands on Videotape."  -- Dr. BDSM

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2 scenes shot on-location at a real office
2 scenes of on-screen stuffing gagging
2 handgag scenes
2 scenes of 2 or more women bound together
2 scenes of girl-girl groping
7 total scenes
running time: 60 minutes
DVD & VHS:  $9 USD

DVD Special Features

20 Chapter Points
Over 50 TV-size  photos
6 trailers for other Centaur films

Was $25, now reduced to only $9!